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Federal law protects debtors from harassment and abuse from creditors seeking to collect. You and your family have a right to legal protection against creditor harassment and our attorneys at Cobb Law Firm, LLC can help. We have 35+ years of combined experience in bankruptcy and offer the lowest price in the county because we genuinely want to help our clients.

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Protections Under the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act

Under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), debtors are protected from unlawful harassment from debt collectors. In fact, individuals who sue harassing creditors may secure up to $1,000 per successful lawsuit under the FDCPA.

The FDCPA specifies that debt collectors may not harass or abuse debtors, such as by threatening violence or harm, using obscene or profane language, insulting them, calling repeatedly, bothering debtors during unreasonable times (e.g., early morning or after midnight), threatening the loss of child custody or welfare benefits, or contacting their employer without permission.

Collectors are prohibited from lying or making false statements to collect a debt. For instance, they cannot falsely claim they are government representatives or attorneys, that the debtor has done something illegal when they have not, or that they work for a credit reporting agency (such as by providing a fake company name). It is also illegal for collectors to tell debtors a false amount of debt that they claim they owe or send fake government documents they claim are legal.

A creditor may not tell a debtor that they will be arrested for not paying, and they cannot garnish wages or take the debtor’s property unless they have obtained a court order or intend to take legal action. They also may not misrepresent or misinform a debtor’s credit report.

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Protections Through an Automatic Stay

As discussed on our Chapter 7, Chapter 13, and foreclosure defense pages, bankruptcy filers are entitled to an “automatic stay” that legally protects them from collection activities. Creditors will be required to stop contacting the filer while the stay is in place and while the filer is working with an attorney. Note that the stay is temporary for Chapter 7 and lasts for the duration of the case for Chapter 13. Nonetheless, the stay will momentarily protect debtors from creditor harassment and grant them some much-needed time to work with their attorney on a solution to their debt through bankruptcy. 

Let Us Protect You and Your Family from Creditor Harassment

It is against the law for creditors to harass you or your loved ones, even if you owe them money. After all, you are doing your best to figure out a plan to resolve your debts, and it will not help to have collectors pestering you every second of the day. At Cobb Law Firm, LLC, we will protect you from creditor harassment in a number of ways, such as taking the creditor calls ourselves or taking legal action against them. We will provide you the professional and informed representation you deserve to both resolve your debts and protect against harassment and abuse from creditor

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